Pictures Jacksonville NC: Your Go-To Destination for Motion picture Enthusiasts

Motion pictures Jacksonville NC is usually a fashionable movie theater positioned in Jacksonville, North Carolina. The theatre elements 16 display screens that showcase the modern Hollywood launches, like 3 dimensional dvds. The theater also offers top quality solutions, together with extravagance recliner seating and a wonderful audio system.

The theater’s concession stand offers you an array of drinks and snacks, together with gourmet popcorn, sizzling hotcandy and dogs, and a number of soda pops. Besides that, they have a collection of local area art beers and red wine, making it an excellent location to relax from a much time daytime.

Aside from routine flick screenings, Flicks Jacksonville NC gives you an assortment of special occasions, together with complex screenings, video events, and are living programs of societal events. They also have a perks training course that rewards repeated moviegoers with free of cost tickets and concession elements.