How to Care for a Tattoo

How to Care for a Tattoo

You may be curious about how to care for a tattoo you have just received. There are many side effects that can occur when you get a tattoo. You may get a bad infection if you don’t know how to care for a tattoo.

There are many ways to care for a tattoo. Make sure it is healthy, and your skin and the surrounding area doesn’t get infected. It is important to clean your tattoo after you get it. You also need to monitor it regularly to ensure it stays in good condition. You should know how to care for a tattoo, especially if it is your first.

You need to learn how to care for a tattoo before you get your first. It is not something you want to end up with a serious infection after your first tattoo. You may not want to continue the process and it may also prevent you from getting another tattoo. However, you can avoid these presumptions by learning how to care for a tattoo.

These are some basic tips to keep in mind when caring for your body art.

A&D Ointment should be purchased and applied to the tattooed area for 5 to 7 days. Do not apply soap to your tattoo. Enjoy your new piece.  

How to Care for a New Tattoo

When you get a tattoo, one of the most important things to know is how to care for it.Lucky for me, I had a great tattoo artist who did my tattoos. Without him, I would have probably messed up a lot.One of my first tattoos was a disaster. I used too much ointment, and the ink dripped out of the new one.

You can get instructions from any tattoo shop or their artists on how to care for your tattoos.Follow them exactly.It would be a shame to suffer through that much pain only to have it all go wrong.While most artists will perform touch-up work, it is not necessary.

These are some steps and tips to care for your new tattoo


  • For several hours, keep the bandage on top of the new tattoo.Remove the bandage and don’t re-bandage the tattoo.
  • Use an antibacterial soap to gently clean the tattoo.Don’t scrub the tattoo with too much pressure.Be sure to clean the area from any blood, bodily fluids, or soap.Repeat this process every two hours until you feel the stoppage of the soapy liquids.
  • Apply a healing cream to your tattoo after you have washed it.Vitamin D ointment should be used.Don’t use too much.This can be done several times per day.
  • After several days of applying the ointment alone, you can start moisturizing your tattooed areas several times per day.Use an unscented, alcohol-free moisturizer.
  • Avoid taking long, hot baths, swimming in hot tubs or pools, or any prolonged exposure to water.You can shower, but don’t scrub it vigorously.Avoid washing dishes for too long if the tattoo is located on your wrist or hand.
  • Avoid the sun.Your new tattoo can be damaged by the sun, especially if it is still healing.It is important not to dry out your healing tattoo and you don’t want to sunburn.Your tattoo will fade if you don’t apply enough sunblock.
  • Do not pick at or scratch the tattooed areas, even if they scab up or have some skin peeling away.Let the tattoo heal naturally.


When caring for your new tattoo, remember to use common sense.Your tattoo should be treated as you would any other open wounds.It should be washed, moisturized, kept clean, and protected from sunlight and water.These tips will ensure that your tattoo is well-maintained, healed, and healthy.